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In each bite you’ll feel like if you were in Brazil

The Cheese Ball is a delicious and traditional snack from the Brazilian culture. However, the cheese ball recipe is much more than that, it is a combination of both countries. It is a mix of Brazilian and Dutch cultures, resulting in a perfect combination, with cheese flavour and a texture that you have never seen before. Simply irresistible!

Pão de Queijo Traditional (30g per unit)

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Golden on the outside, tasty and fluffy on the inside. Our Pão de Queijo Regular Size (30g each) is perfect for breakfast, brunch, alongside any dish, or as a snack at any time.

Pão de Queijo Mini (15g per unit)

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Our Pão de Queijo Mini (15g each) is the perfect snack for any occasion. It is a crowd-pleaser at parties with friends and family, on playdates and also as an afternoon snack, game-day munchies ... you name it!

Cheese Ball is much more than just a snack

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